The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers drinking game
1 sip for each time you see the Power Rangers overemphsize their arm movements.
Slam the glass if there are more than 12 fake "whoosh" sounds accompanying
hand movments over the course of a fight.
1/2 sip each time a Ranger does a gratuitous flip.
1/2 sip each time a ranger flails his or her head around wildly while talking.
1 sip each time Billy uses items found in his garage to build a hand-held
device that deeply alters the fabric of space-time.
1 sip for each of Billy's inventions that involve the use of sparklers.
1 sip if Kimberly's wearing those same white tennis shoes she wears every day.
1 sip if she's painted her fingernails.
  2 sips if the color isn't pink.
Chug if Trini's fight scenes actually look effective.
1 sip if Trini hugs Kimberly because they're bestest friends always.
  Finish the bottle if any two male Power Rangers do this.
1 sip whenever you wonder if that thing Rita wears on her head was stolen from
Madonna's bra drawer.
1 sip each time first-season Rita makes a long, pointless noise such as
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" just so she'll be saying something while the Japanese actress'
mouth is open.
1 sip whenever Rita says any variant of the phrase "Magic Wande, make my
monster grow!"
Finish the glass if this arouses any sexual desire within you.
Finish the glass if the fake-electric-guitar song playing in the background
uses more than two chords.
  Finish the bottle if it has more than five different words in the lyrics.
1 sip if you wonder why Angel Grove was founded right next to a huge, active
2 sips if you wonder how the people of Angel Grove manage to rebuild the
skyscrapers so fast.
Chug the bottle if you wonder why they would use cardboard to do it.
               The Public Service Announcement After the Credits
3 sips of Pepto-Bismol if you watch this at all. You'll need it.
1 sip if the message of the day blatantly contradicts the plot of the
preceding episode.
1 sip if a toddler-aged fan appears in this segment.
1 sip if you suspect that all viewers of that age group are already in the
back yard kicking each other instead of watching this.
Finish every drop of liquor in the house if the moral is that you shouldn't
waste your money on Power Rangers toys.