Klingon Taglines

"There are times when I long for a Klingon woman."  Worf
"A Fistful of Datas" = "The Good, The Bad, & The Klingon"
"Aaarrrggghhh!" = Klingon for, "Go ahead.  Make my day."
"Are you a Klingon, or is that a turtle on your head?"
"Captain, please.  Not in front of the Klingons" -- Spock
"CAUTION...We have a trigger happy Klingon at tactical."
"Damage control is easy. Reading Klingon -- that's hard." -- Scotty
"Do you know any Klingon opera?"  - Worf
"He's dead, Jim. Tell the Klingons that dinner is ready."
"Klingons choose their friends very carefully." -- Guinan
"Klingons do NOT allow themselves to be... probed."
"Klingons never bluff" -- Worf
"Sir! Klingons on the starboard bow!" "Well, scrape 'em off"
"This is more of that Klingon stuff, isn't it?"  Alexander
"Tribbles who love Klingons", on the next Oprah!"
"You, Klingon...attack me" -- Data
*_?!^%$#+\)#!~ = Klingon for "Hello, dear."
... "Reading Klingon... that's hard." -- Scotty
... Klingons do *not* read taglines!
A happy Klingon is a bloddy Romulan!
A Klingon's mother wears combat boots.
A tribble a day keeps the Klingons away.
All babies speak Klingonese
Be suicidal - join the Klingon Rollerball Team.
Blonde Klingons: Because it was a good day to dye!
Captain, a Klingon does NOT play Tetris.
CAUTION: Trigger Happy Klingon at Tactical!!
Definition of Terror: A Female Klingon with PMS!
Fine, Fine...Have your Klingon servent get some chairs!
How would you describe Klingon romance- Dangerous
I have PMS and a Klingon Bird of Prey. Any questions?
I wish I was a Klingon.  I want a lumpy head.
If you've ever seen Klingon food you know why they are so grouchy.
It's good to be the Klingon.
Klingon adaptation of Earth sport:  Full-contact golf.
Klingon blood is 90% adrenalin, 6% caffine, and 4% sugar
Klingon DOS: That command or file name has no *honor*!
Klingon Justice is a unique point of view. * Sarek
Klingon Philosophy - Do unto others (Period!)
Klingon prompt:  Strike any user when ready.
Klingon ROA#27: Money corrupts. Kill your rich business associates.
Klingon Rx - Take two Tribbles and call me in the morning
Klingon Thanksgiving Grace:  "Let Us Prey..."
Klingons appreciate strong women! -Worf
Klingons do it with a vengence.
Klingons Do It With Honor
Klingons do not PLAY with toys.  We EAT them.
Klingons do NOT procrastinate! It is a...TACTICAL delay! -- Worf
Klingons have Ridges
Klingons, when cloaked properly, are invisible.
Klingons--the Harley riders of the universe
KPLA Klingon Radio--all glory, all the time!
May you never gag on your GAHK! * Klingon Saying
My, aren't you the Klingon calling the Cardassian bumpy?
Never speak klingon with a runny nose; the results can be quite messy.
One Klingon Flea to another...Meet you on the next ridge.
Only a fool fights in a burning house. -- Klingon proverb
Only a Klingon would screw on an eyepatch.
Pain: giving a Klingon a noogie.
Pain: Telling a klingon his mother wears lipstick
Spice up your love life....kiss a Klingon today!
Terminator 3:  Klingon female with PMS.
This tagline is a product of Klingon Science.
tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'  (Do you speak Klingon?)
Warning:  Klingon sex rituals are hazardous to your health.
What kind of party do the Klingons had in mind? * Geordi
When you're not reading it, this tagline is in Klingonese
WherE Did KLingonS leArn to CapitaLize?
WORF Radio: Honorable music with a Klingon beat!
You Klingon son, you killed my bastard!  No, wait, that's not it...

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