We are investigating a strange variable naked singularity which has just
reappeared after a 75 year absence.  The last such mission to study this
phenomenon was the original Enterprise under the command of James Kirk.
It is imperative that we find out why it has returned and just what
causes these apparent violations of the laws of physics...

Picard: Data, status of that..."thing."

Data: Sir, if by thing you mean the singularity, sensors indicate that it
 is growing more unstable at this time.

Picard: Hmm...suggestions, anyone?

Yar: Photon torpedoes armed and ready, Captain!  Just one good shot--

Worf: I'm a Klingon, sir.  Respectfully submit we cease this wasteful
 pandering and go find another alien culture to conquer- er, enlist in
 the Federation!

Troi: I'm getting nothing from it, sir.  Whatever it is, it won't help
our ratings...

Wes: Of course!  If I modify the output from the warp engines--

Picard: Shut up, Wesley!  That's enough!  What about you, number one?

Riker: Are you asking me to confirm what you've already decided, Sir?  Why,
 we'll stay and investigate, of course.  (looks eager)

LaForge: Sir, I'm "seeing" all sorts of new, strange activity across the
 spectrum, infra-red, microwave, and radio.

Data: Sensors indicate gravitational field intensity increasing!

Picard: What the...?

Data: Captain, we are being pulled in...



The Enterprise has been delayed while relaying emergency vaccines to plague-
ridden Cyron IV by the appearance of a naked singularity.  First officer
Spock is leading the investigation.

McCoy: Dammit, Jim!  We've got to get that vaccine to the rendezvous in
 two days or billions will die!

Spock (looking up from peep show viewer): Two days, one hour, sixteen
 minutes, and seven seconds, Doctor.

McCoy: Blast it, Spock, I'm a doctor, not a cuckoo clock!

Kirk:  Gentlemen, please.  We'll get that vaccine there, Bones.  The
 rendezvous with the Yorktown is only a day away at Warp 8.

[voice through intercom]: I heard that!  She canna take the strain, Captain.
 Warp 6 maybe, but only if we were fresh out of spacedock...

Kirk (flashing a winning grin at no one in particular): Take it easy,
 Scotty!  You can do it, or you're fired.

[voice]: Aye, sir...

Spock (looks into viewer): Captain, I'm picking up readings of gravity
 fluctuations from the singularity.

Kirk: Red alert!  Shields up, Mr. Sulu.  Lt. Uhura, open hailing
 frequencies...(stands, straightens uniform over belly)  This is
 Captain James T. Kirk of the--

Spock: Sir, it is only a natural phenomenon...

Kirk: Oh...  Cancel red alert.  Maintain ready status.

Chekov: Keptin Kirk!  SOmething has just activated my long range sensors--
 eet's some kind of wessel!

Spock: Confirmed, Captain.

Kirk:  Red alert!  (throws Spock an 'I told you so' look)  Sulu, go to
 full magnification!  Uhura, open--

Uhura: Hailing frequencies already open sir.  Broadcasting friendship
 messages in all languages.

Spock: Fascinating!  (looks up from viewer)  Jim--it's the Enterprise!



After being pulled into the naked singularity, we find ourselves powerless
and drifting towards another ship, which if our sensors were working,
we could identify...

Picard: any word on that ship yet?

Data: No, sir.  We will not be close enough for visual contact for another
two minutes, three sec--

Picard: LaForge, get down to the lounge and see if you can tell what it

LaForge:  Aye, Sir.

Picard:  Oh, and Engsign Crusher?

Wes:  Sir?

Picard:  Shut up!

(Wes looks confused yet again)

Data: Sir, I wish to report something strange...

Picard: Strang?

Data: Is that not the word?  (furrows brow, looking at his nose while
 thinking) Abormal?  Irregular?  Biza--

Riker:  Daaaaaa-ta!

Data: Oh, yes.  Sir, this may sound highly irregular, but computer com-
 parisons of the ship library's astronomical charts with current sensor
 readings would seem to indicate that we have travelled back in time.

Data: They were not.  However, due to time limitations placed on us by
 the writers, we had to skip a few minor details.

Riker:  Are you saying we're no longer in the present as we know it?
 (looks bewildered).

[voice]: LaForge to Bridge!  Captain, this is going to sound bogus, but
 I see the Enterprise!

Riker: Way to go, Geordi!  Who gave you your sight back this time?

[voice]: Sir?  Not this Enterprise, but the old one!  The old Constitution
 Class starship!

Yar: Confirmed, sir!  We're being hailed in all the old Federation friend-
 ship messages.

Picard: What???  Any suggestions?

Riker:  Might as well see what they want.  Troi, are you feeling anything?

Troi: Not at the moment; (switches to Riker's mental wavelength) but that
 doesn't mean I won't later, Amzadi...

(Riker primps)

Picard: On visual, Lieutenant.

(a stocky, sandy-haired man who is obviously on a diet appears.  Standing
 behind him is a tall, lean Vulcan whose hands are apparently cuffed behind
 his back)

"...This is Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  We are on a
 peaceful mission!  Explain who you are, or we will open fire!"

Picard (to Yar): Broadcast on all frequencies, in all languages...



Captain's Log, supplemental:
 A highly advanced alien ship has seemingly surrendered to us for no
 apparent reason. Partly due to this, and partly because the alien vessel
 so closely resembles our own, Mr. Spock has advised extreme caution.
 Question: Is this some kind of mind control? Are we being made to see
 images and forms that are familiar to us to lull us into complacency?
 The lives of 430 crewmen depend on my decisions. On.... my....

Kirk: We have not asked for a surrender! Only that you identify
 yourselves and state your purpose..

[This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the starship USS Enterprise. Our
 mission is peaceful-- ]

Kirk: Waitaminnut! *This* is the Enterprise!

[In *your* time period, Captain. You see, we are from your future.
 Somehow, we must get back. Do you have any suggestions?]

Kirk: My 1st officer and I will take it under consideration. Please
 stand by!

(screen blanks out)

Scotty: Captain! Did ye see thot- a Klingon on thot ship! If they are
 from our future, let's put 'em oot o' their misery!

Kirk: One moment, Mr. Scott. Spock? I do believe your eyebrow betrays
 your highly emotional state!

Spock: Really? I see no need to insult me; I merely was attempting to
 scratch my forehead against my bangs so as not to expend the energy
 involved in raising my arm. However, I feel I should point out that if
 indeed there is an advanced alien culture aboard that vessel, and if
 they wanted to appear in a form familiar to us, they would either have
 to read our thoughts or scan the ship's records. Without such knowledge,
 they would have no pattern on which to base their deception. Ship's
 sensors would have alerted us to any scans, though I have detected some
 kind of telepathic activity coming from the alien ship.

McCoy: Damn your Vulcan logic! If they were going to go through all the
 trouble of disguising themselves, then why not look just like us? Why
 these differences, like Klingons on a Federation ship? The wrong colors
 on the uniforms?? A less-than-perfect copy of the Enterprise??? I'll
 tell you why; they're mistakes! These new writers don't have what it
 takes, time or talent, and as a result we're just going to skip over
 the whole thing because we have to move along and can't involve
 ourselves minor details like continuity!

Spock: Captain, I suggest the best course of action would be beaming over
 to the alien ship for direct observation. We have not yet used the
 transporter this episode, and I would like the opportunity to study the
 highly advanced computer they possess; ours doesn't "tick."

Kirk: Good idea! Uhura...?

Uhura (sighs): Aye, sir....on visual..

Kirk: Due to the complexity of the situation, perhaps it would be best if
 my first officer and I beamed over to your ship...

Picard (to person offscreen): Suggestions? Will it violate the Prime

Riker (offscreen): Sir, their Prime Directive is our Prime Directive...

Picard: Good! Then no harm is done! (to Kirk) Very well. You have our
 coordinates. Make it so!

Kirk: Excellent! We'll beam over in 5 minutes. Kirk out!....

Kirk: Scotty, can you beam us over?

Scott: No sir! Whot with this singularity beasties' effect an' all, it'll
 be 2 hours before we ken even transport a fly!

Kirk: Scotty, I want that transporter working in 5 minutes!!

Scott (sighs also): Aye, sir...

Kirk: If one more person sighs heavily because I make an unreasonable
 demand, I'll put that person in the brig!!! (hits no button in particular
 on his chair's arm) Security?

[voice]: Blue Moon Detective Agency!
 Do aliens hate you;
 Tribbles berate you?
 Is your tricorder missing;
 Your Yeoman not kissing?
 Then give us a call-
 We'll take the fall!

Kirk: Security, send two men to the transporter room. I want them there
 in 5 minutes!!

[voice]: (sigh!) Aye, sir. I'll see if they're in their office...

(cut to shot of transporter room)
(security guard enters)

Kirk: Yeoman Kyle, you have the coordinates. Beam us over safely and
 maybe I'll have that big picture on the wall you've been staring at for
 3 seasons changed... (turns, examines guard) I thought I sent for two
 men, Ensign....?

Guard: Addison, Ensign David Addison, sir. There should be two of us, but
 my partner is on maternity leave, and I think I'm on the wrong set...

Kirk: Hmmm... Only one guard. Can you handle a phaser?

Guard: Ha! Do Klingons clingeth? Do Thesaurians thesaureth? Do you and

Kirk: All right! I get the picture! We'll take you along, but first you
 have to trade shirts with me!

Guard: Sir? Is this like Twister?

Kirk: You heard me! Apparently,
 their security division color is mustard-gold, and if you think I'm
 beaming over in a security color uniform...

Guard: Aye, sir..

(Removes shirt. Kirk gets in a fight offscreen and has his forcibly
removed. Hands dirty tatters to Addison.)

Kirk: And another thing: get rid of those.... (waves hand towards
 Addison's head) .....those whatever!

Guard: Awww... Not my Ray-Bans! If the brothers in Philly ever see me
 like this...

(the three men step onto the platform)

Kirk: Energize!

(Reality swirls. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the security guard materialize
 on the new Bridge.)

Kirk: Hey! I thought there were only three of us!

McCoy: It's those damn fool writers again!

(Picard steps forward)

Picard: I'm Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, number

Spock: Fascinating!

Kirk: "D?"

Picard: Yes, Captain. You see, although in reality this is only the third
 Enterprise, it was decided to skip "B" and "C" and name it in your

Kirk: My honor? But what happened to the original Enterprise?

Picard: You blew it up!

Kirk: I what??

McCoy: Jim! Before you call this man a liar, just think of your record!
 Your habits! The risks you take!!

Kirk: Well,... what about the 2nd one?

Picard: Let's just say you're consistent....

Kirk: Oh...... But why "D?" Why not "t?"

Riker (tries to look like Kirk): They already used that in *my* name,
 sir. No, they chose a most unusual method for picking the "D." Data?

Data: To honor your statement "The Enterprise is a beautiful lady, and we
 love her," Starfleet historians went back and obtained the bra cup size
 of every woman, and alien, you ever kissed. The average was obtained,
 and appended to the number for the Enterprise. Hence, "1701-D."

(Kirk looks innocently about. McCoy rocks on his heels. Spock

Kirk: I'm...... honored, I suppose.

Picard: Ah! But I'm neglectful, certainly! Allow me to introduce my
 Bridge crew. Any suggestions as to what order, anyone? No, never mind;
 Let's throw caution to the wind! My first, William Riker (primps); 2nd-
in-command Lt Cmndr Data; ship's counselor, Deanna Troi (Kirk's eyes
 twinkle- Troi blushes, breathes faster); security chief Yar (now Kirk
 breathes faster- Troi receives impressions of the number "3");
 Lt. LaForge, our blind navigator (Spock raises eyebrow); and Lt. Worf,
 whose exact duties have never been revealed...

Kirk: Worf?? He looks familiar. Bones?

(McCoy walks over, passes med-scanner over Worf.)

McCoy: Jim! This man is a Klingon!!

(Security guard raises phaser, but is blown away by Yar and Worf.)

McCoy (passes scanner over guard): He's dead, Jim!

LaForge: Well, now ABC has a chance to find someone that Cybill can work

Kirk: That man! He was one of my crew!

Data: A most appropriate choice of tense, Captain.

Kirk: Only 429 lives left! And I'm responsible for them!! I'm.....
 Responsible!! My.... decisions!!!


Captain's Log, Stardate 3714.9
  After beaming over to the strange "alien" vessel which claims to come
 from our future, we are greeted by humanoid life forms, one of which is
 a Klingon. This fact has already cost me the life of one of my crew. I'm
 saddened, but yet I feel a strange sense of elation at having had the
 foresight to change uniforms...

Medical Log, Leonard McCoy reporting:
  He's dead, Jim. And I'll tell you something else; there isn't any reason
 he shouldn't be! He's just not alive anymore, and there's not a damn
 thing I can do to change it!

Kirk: One of my men is dead! How many more must die before you've had

Picard: On the contrary, Captain! It was one of your 23rd Century savages
 who attacked for no reason! It's hard to believe we were once as
 primitive as you...

(the two men continue the argument, oblivious to Yar and Worf, who are
 still attacking the body)

Kirk: The Klingons are our sworn enemy!

Picard: *Were* your sworn enemy!

Kirk: My man was just doing what any other man would have done in his
 position. And for someone who calls us savages, I find it highly
 irregular that "civilized" beings like yourselves would carry weapons
 on the Bridge!

(McCoy sees Yar and Worf)

McCoy: Stop it!.... Stop it!! You just don't keep hacking away at a man
 after he's down!!

Picard: Lieutenant Yar, report!

Yar: (stands, faces Picard) Speaking strictly as Security Chief, just how
 much can you trust a dead person on the Bridge?

Worf: I'm a Klingon, sir. I live for this--

Picard: Not on my Bridge, you won't! (turns to Kirk) I assume you'd like
 to return your man to your ship?

Kirk: Yes, thank you. (flips open communicator) Kirk to Enterprise, come
 in Enterprise...

[Voice]: Enterprise! Scott here...

Kirk: Mr. Scott, there's been an accident over here; we've lost another
 security guard.

[Voice]: Och! Thot'll be the fifth this week!

Kirk: I know, Scotty. One to beam over; better put the ship on Yellow
 Alert. Kirk out.

(body dematerializes; Worf becomes visibly down-hearted)

Picard: I'm sorry about your man. If it's any consolation, he wasn't the
 father; it was Sam's baby...

Kirk: Death... is never justifiable...

Troi: I know how you feel, Captain.

Kirk: Do you, Counselor? Do you really know what it's like to be
 responsible for the live of 430--

Data: Four hundred and twenty-nine, sir.

Kirk: --429 men and women??

Troi: Sir, I am half Betazoid. I can sense strong emotions and feelings.
 Your sense of loss is most intense; it is difficult not to feel it...

Spock: (to Kirk) Undoubtably the source of the telepathy I perceived
 earlier coming from this ship, Captain.

Troi: Strange. You appear to be Vulcan, yet I sense some emotions in you!

McCoy: What's the matter, Spock? Slipping?

Spock: No, Doctor. As you are well aware, I possess a Human half that is
 sometimes difficult to control. I hope to someday purge all emotions and
 embrace total logic, thus achieving Kolinahr.

McCoy: Well, just so long as you change your pants after you achieve it...

Data: (to Spock) Most unusual. We are very much alike, you and I, yet you
 state your desire to suppress your Human tendencies. I, on the other hand,
 wish I could become more Human.

Kirk: You mean you're not?

Data: No, sir. I am an android. A computer. A --

Kirk: You're a machine?? And you're second in command??

Data: I'm also in several bio-mechanical texts.

Riker: It's Starfleet's policy never to discriminate against any sentient
 life form. Mr. Data has never failed any test for sentience. I might add
 that all Academy graduates are required to be sentient.

Yar: A pity your security details never had to pass these tests! Maybe if
 they had, you would have a Chief of Security...

Data: (aside, to Kirk) Ask me sometime about the advantages of having a
 Chief of Security...

McCoy: So! Is that what it's come to! Machines taking over for man, just
 because they can think faster? Well, I don't buy it! There are just some
 things a machine can't do!! I'd name 'em, but there are children watching
 this show...

Data: But sir! I *am* fully functional.

Troi: Tasha? Why do I sense embarrassment??

(Kirk's communicator beeps)

      Beep, Beep!!      [-- special effects

(He answers it)

Kirk: Kirk here. What is it, Scotty?

[Voice]: Sir? This is Lt. Uhura; Mr.Scott is in engineering.

Kirk: Engineering? But I left Scotty in charge! What's wrong? What's going
 on on my ship??

[Voice]: I don't know, sir. We're losing power, and we don't know why!
 Captain... I'm frightened!!

Spock: Spock here. Mr. Sulu, at what rate is the Enterprise losing power?

[Another Voice]: We're down to 80% power, but the drain is increasing
 geometrically. We have maybe (static)ve more hours at (more static) lose
 all power and are pulled into the (even more static) ...source is the
 alien (complete static)......

Kirk: Sulu! (taps communicator) Mr.Sulu!! Can you read me?

McCoy: It's dead, Jim! I can't get anything on mine, either!

Kirk: Well, it looks like we're here for awhile. (turns to Picard) But
 what concerns me is why you're draining energy from my ship!

Picard: I assure you, we are doing no such thing!

Spock: Yours is the only ship in the area; it is only logical to assume
 it is the source of the power drain. If your ship is not the source,
 then what is?

Picard: Hmmm... Good idea! Suggestions, anyone?

Spock: Perhaps if we spoke with your chief engineer...

Picard: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Kirk: That's my ship losing power over there, mister! You better make it

Picard: No, you don't understand. We don't *have* a chief engineer.

McCoy: What??

Picard: That's usually my line, Doctor. (to Kirk) You see, there just
 wasn't anybody cast in the role of chief engineer. The writers gave us
 a Chief of Security instead.

McCoy: So what do you do now? Kill off engineers instead of security?

Riker: (says eagerly) Well, the only person to be killed so far has been
 an engineer...

Kirk: You mean to tell me that someday, the Federation will put Klingons
 on the Bridge, arm their Bridge crews, kill off engineers instead of
 security guards, and place machines in the chain of command??

LaForge: You forgot the part about letting a blind person drive the
 ship, sir.

(Troi steps forward, wobbles a little)

Troi: I.... I sense.... I...

(Troi collapses. McCoy and Riker rush over)

Picard: (hits communicator on chest) Bridge to Sick Bay! Medical Alert!
 Dr.Crusher to the Bridge!!

[Voice]: I'm on my way!

Picard: Does anyone have ideas as to why Counselor Troi collapsed?

Riker: Unknown at this moment, Captain.

McCoy: She seems to be suffering from some virus. It might be communicable!

Spock: Sir, if that is the case, the Bridge personnel should be quarantined.

Picard: I'll do no such thing! As you know, we do things a bit
 differently in the 24th Century. (turns to face Bridge Crew) LaForge?
 You got to spread the virus last time; whose turn is it now?

Yar: Mine, sir.

Picard: Very well. Make sure you miss no one! Remember: it's vital that
 as many people as possible get sick in as short a time as possible. We
 haven't had any good dramatic tension since the security guard was killed.

Yar: Aye, aye, sir.

(she moves off and begins kissing everyone as Dr. Crusher comes onto
 the Bridge)

(Crusher passes scanner over Troi)

Crusher: Oh, my God... Oh, my God!...

Picard: What? What??

Crusher: It's some virus I've never seen before!

Riker: Is there an antidote of any kind?

Crusher: Like I said, I've never seen it before. I'll be lucky to come up
 with a vaccine in time, *if* there's a vaccine! Judging by it's rate of
 progress, you all have 3 hours to live!!

Picard: What??

Kirk: "You" have 3 hours? Don't you mean "We?"

Crusher: I meant "You;" I never catch any of the illnesses I treat, or
 don't you watch the show? (turns to Picard) Three hours at best, Captain...



Captain's Log, supplemental:
  A deadly virus has appeared aboard the Enterprise. Unless Dr.Crusher
 can come up with an antidote in 3 hours, we will all die! Meanwhile, the
 mysterious power drain continues to affect the other Enterprise. Security
 is investigating, as the source of the drain appears to be on this ship!

Picard: What are the symptoms, Doctor?

Crusher: I don't know, sir.

Picard: Well, can you isolate it?

Crusher: Again, I don't know!

Picard: Then if you know nothing about it, how can you predict that we
 have only three hours left to live??

Crusher: I don't know, sir! I just looked at my tricorder, and that's what
 it said! Oh, I suppose I can take some blood samples or run some tests,
 but beyond that, I just don't know, Jean Luc!!

Picard: Good work, Doctor! Make it so!

Spock: (under his breath) As I have always maintained, members of the
 medical profession would do better to employ the use of beads and

Kirk: What's that, Mr.Spock?

Spock: I said, based on the doctor's investigation and evaluation of the
 virus, I would venture to say that Doctor McCoy's medical methods were,
 for some reason, widely adopted among Starfleet personnel. Perhaps in
 order to effect some method of population control..

McCoy: That's enough, Spock! Can't you see? This woman relies too much on
 a machine and not on her human intuition! And you're not the one to use
 human intuition, are you? You pointy-eared logic circuit! Why, if I

Kirk: That's enough, Bones; Spock! We have only a few hours left. I
 suggest we use them wisely.

Data: Two hours, fifty-five minutes and 17 seconds, sir.

McCoy: (to Kirk) Kinda reminds you of someone, doesn't he?? (thumbs his
 head at Spock)

Kirk: Bones, why don't you see what you can figure out about this virus!

(McCoy leaves)

Picard: I assure you, Captain! Dr. Crusher is most competent..

Kirk: If you don't mind, Dr.McCoy will proceed nonetheless.

Picard: Do you distrust my Chief Medical Officer?

Kirk: Just what would you do in my position? I'm on board a plague ship
 with a clueless albeit attractive CMO who is on first name terms with
 the Captain. Both parties continually exchange furtive glances, not to
 mention the doubt surrounding the parentage of the only child on board
 who is allowed access to the Bridge!

Picard: Hmmmm... Quite so! (looks around) Has anyone seen Wesley?

(Everyone looks around, but he's not there)

Picard: Computer? Tell me the location of Wesley Crusher!

[Computer]: The boy?

Picard: Yes! The Boy!

[Computer]: The boy is in Engineering, section 6. Have a nice day!

Picard: Bridge to Engineering! Is Wesley there?

[Voice]: The boy? Yes, he's here. One moment...

[Whine]: Yes, Fath-- er, Captain Picard?
Picard: Is that you Wesley?

[Whine]: Yes, sir!

Picard: Good. Shut up! Bridge out!

Worf: Sir! Sensors indicate the other Enterprise's orbit is beginning to
 fluctuate! It's as if their controls were sluggish...

Picard: What??

Riker: Have they lost all power?

Worf: No, sir. Power loss seems to have leveled off. They are at 15% power.

Kirk: Fifteen percent? But that's barely enough for life support and
 helm control! The lives of --

Picard: Yes, yes, we know!

Spock: Fascinating! It's as if the source of the power drain knew the
 precise level of power the Enterprise could be lowered to and yet
 maintain control of vital functions..

Kirk: So you're saying the Enterprise shouldn't lose anymore power?

Spock: Read my lips, Jim! I believe I inferred as much. The only logical
 question that remains is what will the stolen power be used for?

Riker: And don't forget; we need to know who's taking it!

Kirk: Anything else, Spock?

Spock: Affirmative. Why has no one else succumbed to the virus?

Picard: Good point! Comment, anyone?

Riker: I feel fine, sir!

Data: As do I, sir.

LaForge: Me too, sir.

Picard: Well, I think it's safe to say that if Counselor Troi were here,
 she would say that she feels that we feel fine!

Riker: Makes "sense", sir.

(Kirk groans)

Picard: Bridge to Sickbay! Doctor Crusher, why has no one else been

[Voice]: I don't know, sir!... Damn! Where are all those wise sayings we
 doctors are supposed to say at times like these?

Picard: Doctor!... Beverly,... get a hold of yourself! It's all right!

[Voice]: (sniffle) Thanks, Jean Luc...

[Another Voice]: Jim? McCoy here! I think I have it! It's not a virus
 at all!

Kirk: What do you mean, Bones?

[Another Voice]: If it's all right with you, I'll explain it when I come
 up to the Bridge for the final scene...

Kirk: Okay, but make it fast!

[Yet Another Voice]: Engineering to Bridge!

Picard: This is the Bridge. Go ahead..

[Y. A. Voice]: Sir, Chief Engineer No. 3,814 here, sir. We've figured out
 a way to get back, sir!

Picard: Excellent! To whom do we owe our gratitude?

[Voice]: He's on his way to the Bridge now, sir..

(At this point, the turbolift doors open. Wesley steps out.)

LaForge (to himself): Oh, no! Not again!

Picard: Ensign Crusher! I thought you were in Engineering?

Wes: I was, sir. But seeing as how I finished the modifications to the
 warp engines necessary to return the ship to our time--

Picard: You did what??

Riker: It's my fault, sir. He's my responsibility; I should have kept a
 closer eye on him! (Advances towards Wes)

Picard: One moment, Will! First, I want to find out what he did to my
 ship! Report, Wesley!

Wes: Well, sir, all I had to do was modify the power output of the warp
 engines. But in order to do this, I had to borrow some extra power. The
 only other source was the other Enterprise.

Kirk: You mean you're responsible for what crippled my ship?? You nearly
 killed almost 430 men and women!!

Wes: Sir, I knew what I was doing. I called up the records on your ship,
 though it was a little confusing as to just which ship you're using at
 the moment. I found out the critical threshold of energy depletion for
 your ship, and from there I just borrowed the rest. You can always
 generate more..

Kirk: You just don't go and "borrow" energy from a starship!!

Spock: Not true, Captain, since apparently he has done it.

Picard: Captain, please!! (to Wes, sweetly) Wesley, do you mean to say we
 can return home now?

Wes: Yes, sir.

Picard: Good. Then shut up!!

(once again, the turbolift doors open. McCoy, Crusher, and Troi step onto
 the Bridge)

McCoy: Jim, I'm beginning to believe I can cure anything!

Kirk: Report, Bones!

McCoy: Well, the whole problem started with an incorrect diagnosis! It
 wasn't a virus at all!!

Kirk: Yes, I believe you said something about that earlier..

McCoy: You see, Jim, if it was a virus, it would have spread! But instead,
 only Troi got sick! It was only after I found out that she's a hyper-
sensitive that I realized what caused the illness!

Kirk: Well?... What caused it?

McCoy: Think about it! Troi didn't get sick until we arrived. We caused
 her illness!

Picard: But you said it wasn't a virus!

McCoy: And it's not! It's the writing, the scripts!... The Writers!!!

Kirk: Yes, yes- they control everything, but even they haven't given a
 good reason for only Troi becoming sick..

McCoy: They don't have to!

Crusher: Captain, it's like back in the 21st Century--

Picard: Those were savage times!

Crusher: --when half the population was starving. Even when they finally
 got food, they couldn't eat it too quickly without getting sick!

Kirk: I still don't understand how that explains the illness.

Spock: Most interesting! You are saying that the appearance of your vessel
 in our time is causing your illness because you are used to bad writing.
 Our beaming over only aggravated the problem further...

McCoy: And that's why Troi Collapsed! Being so perceptive, so sensitive,
 it was just too much for her to take!!

Kirk: She seems to be fine now..

McCoy: That's because she left the Bridge and went to Sickbay- the place
 where one of the most incompetent, shallow and unbelievable characters on
 this ship works. She'll be all right once we leave, but prolonged exposure
 to good writing could kill her!

(Thousands of viewers can be heard screaming, "Stay for a while! Stay on the

Picard: And once you return to your ship, we can return to our proper

Kirk: That's it? As simple as that?

Picard: I'm afraid so, Captain. The new writers are used to rushing the

(Beep! Beep!)

Kirk (answers communicator): Kirk here!

[Voice]: Scott here; we're beaming ye back!

Kirk: But I gave no such order!

[Voice]: Sorry, sir! But we're under time constraints, and I canna take
 enna more of this episode!

Kirk: Scotty! You've got to give me a few minutes. Just a few, and I need
 them now!!

[Voice]: Sorry, sir. I'm under orders!

(Kirk, Spock and McCoy dematerialize)

Picard: Well, I'm glad *they're* gone, eh No.1?

Riker: Yes, sir! I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get back to our
 rushed dialogue and plot...

Picard: Agreed! Mr. LaForge? Lay in a course back to our own time! Warp
 factor six!

LaForge: Aye, aye, sir. Course plotted... and laid in, sir.

Picard: Engage!

(The Enterprise revs up, stretches, pops like a rubber band, and
 disappears in a very realistic flash of light.)


Captain's Log, Stardate 3715.0
  The ship from our future has been gone for almost one hour. Gone with
 it is any trace of the naked singularity we had been investigating. As
 is usual for the end of a crisis, I have called Dr.McCoy to the Bridge
 to engage in idle speculation, pointless banter, and maybe even a brief

Kirk: I still don't understand it, Bones. It all just happened so quickly.

McCoy: Jim, I keep telling you- it's not your fault! The writers of that
 century are just-.... well, they're just bad! They even forgot to leave
 in the singularity for the last scene!

Spock (turning at his station): I disagree, Doctor. It was most logical
 for the singularity to disappear when the future Enterprise vanished.

McCoy: Oh, no! I should have known it! The writers have gotten to Spock!

Spock (ignoring McCoy): You see, Jim, the singularity was essentially a
 "rip" in the fabric of the universe. Some tremendous strain, existing
 both in their time and ours, was too great for the normal space-time
 continuum to bear.

Kirk: So what was it, Spock? What caused the strain in the first place?

Spock: I believe Doctor McCoy is best qualified to explain that, sir.
 Vulcans do not engage in television criticism...

Kirk: Bones?

McCoy: It was us, Jim!

Kirk: Come on, Bones! We've never travelled to the future!!

McCoy: True; not personally. But consider all those plots that have been
 lifted from our series and used in theirs!

Kirk: Ahhhhh!.... So the removing of not just one, but many, many events
 in our present to their future caused the strain which "ripped" the

Spock: Quite correct, Captain. Perhaps if they had used only a few, the
 strain would have had no effect, but as they used so many...

Kirk: Well, I still don't understand why the singularity disappeared.
 Aren't we still in our present? Aren't they back in the future? Wouldn't
 the strain still be there??

Spock: Unknown, Captain. Perhaps our appearance in some way motivated
 their writers to be more original.

Kirk: Well, in any case, it's like I've always said...

(entire Bridge crew grimaces in anticipation)

McCoy: Yes, Jim?

Kirk: Even though this show is a timeless classic, it will never be
 duplicated in another time period.

(the whole Bridge starts giggling and laughing)

Kirk: Ha, ha!

Sulu: Ho, ho!

Checkov: Wery funny!

Spock:                        ([-- Vulcan laughter)

Kirk (Holding side): Mr Sulu? Plot a course for rendezvous with the
 Yorktown; We have some vaccines to deliver. Maximum warp!

Sulu: Aye, aye, sir!

(music fades in as Enterprise moves away)

(Picture fades to black)


Well, the entire thing was written by Glen Colby, who doesn't mind if copies are passed around, just so long as this little credit stays on at the end.

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