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John's Photo Album has been completely redesigned. These photos are in the new album. Please go to:

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I have lots of pictures available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Asia 2001
Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia

Mexico Trip 2000
Cancun, Chichen Itza, Cozumel, Coba, Merida, Tizimin, Tulum, Uxmal, Xcalak

Summer 2000
Tahoe, Boating, Mt. Shasta, SLAC, Liz's Graduation, Value Star Cruise

Winter 2000
Bodega, Greeley Hill, Yosemite, and Xilinx Party

Summer 1999
Potter Valley, Washington DC, Virgina Beach, Florida Keys, and much more!

EUROPE 1998 Album! - Part One
Greece, Rome, Pisa, Cinque Terra, Chamonix

EUROPE 1998 Album! - Part Two
Luzern, Venice, Ljubjlana, Vienna, Prague, Heidelberg, and Paris

Cal Poly Solar Car Club Album!
Photos from 1998-200 school year; development of the car for Sunrace 1999

Original Album
Mexico 1997, Easter 1998, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo - Open House 1998, Tahoe 1997, Boating photos - Summer 1997, Miscellaneous family shots - 1997, David's Shasta Pictures - August 1998, Canada trip - Summer 1994, Dad's Old Photos

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