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Thanks for stopping by my website. There is lots of information to be found here, it just takes a little bit of searching. I try to change at least one part of this site every month so that it stays new and updated. Take your time, and check out all the great features of my webpage. Repeat visitor? Check What's New!

My third year of law school at Santa Clara University School of Law is quickly passing. I will be taking the California Bar Exam in July of 2001. My fall semester classes contain several high tech courses and are interesting. I am taking 15 units during the Fall and 13 in the Spring. I am on the Honors Moot Court board this year, and among other things my duties involve designing the moot court website. I continue to be a member of the Stanford University Symphony Orchestra. See what you are missing and take a look at my current schedule.

During the Summer of 2000 I took many short trips but nothing major. I bought a small inflatable kayak and designed and built a sail for it. Kayak sailing is lots of fun and a great way to extend rowing range. I used the sail at Lake Tahoe, Lake Don Pedro, Donner Lake, Santa Cruz Bay, and Lake Sonoma. I also climbed Mt. Shasta and made it to the top of the 14,162 foot peak. You can find pictures of all these adventures, and more, in my photo album. My summer job at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center was very interesting. I conducted legal research and analysis for the Office of Technology Transfer and assisted SLAC's legal counsel. Additionally, I did some web design and programming. I was also concertmaster of the Stanford Summer Orchestra.

During the summer of 1999 I traveled to the East Coast with the Cal Poly Solarcar Club and also worked at a Sana Rosa law firm, Lanahan & Reilley. For a complete list of what I have been doing take a look at my resume. Also I have put my personal bookmarks online for your browsing pleasure (or for more detail, my sites page).

In June 1998 I graduated from UC Davis with a Political Science major, and minors in Music and Rhetoric and Communication. During July and August I traveled around Europe with my brother David. We had a great time touring many countries. If you would like to see some of the pictures we took, be sure to check my EuroPic page.

My plan for the future is to find a job in intellectual property law somewhere in northern California. Travel plans are sparse with only the possibility of seeing Hawaii at Christmas. Places I would like to visit include Australia, South Pacific, New Zeland, South America, Yugoslavia, and a return trip to the Greek Islands.

Unfortunately I no longer live close to the ski slopes. During my last year at Davis I took advantage of my light schedule and went skiing many times. So far this year I have been to Sugarbowl and Dodge Ridge. In the spring and summer I enjoy sailing around the blue waters of California and beyond on my 13' OK Dingy sailboat. I have had some pretty crazy experiences on this boat. While in Florida I became more familiar with snorkeling and am hoping to advance into scuba diving soon. Ham radio is still a hobby of mine which I keep in contact with by being involved with the Sonoma County Radio Amateurs. Don't forget to check my live camera. Although I unfortunately I no longer have the camera which means this picture is probably quite old, I should be updating the live cam soon.


Well this is the update for now. Scroll down for news, weather, traffic, live cams, stock quotes, and more. Check back again real soon for more news.

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