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Michael Moore Home Page


Michael Moore is the director who brought us Roger & Me, TV Nation, and his first book Downsize This! You can find out about these and his upcoming projects and events. You can also join Mike's Militia of Unarmed (but Fully Loaded) Americans.

.Helen Caldicott 


Helen Caldicott, M.D.WRITER - SPEAKER - PEDIATRICIAN – ACTIVIST  "Peace and Survival Are My Passions"

 FAMILY ACTION of Sonoma County


The mission of Family Action of Sonoma County is to effect long term policy change that will have a positive impact on the lives and health of children and their families in Sonoma County. A wonderful opportunity for people to get involved!

Empire College School of Law


The best little law school in the USA!  I’ve got bragging rights; see the photo from the 31st Annual California Moot Court Competition held at UCLA on April 1 and 2, 2000.

Sierra Club


This is the National Sierra Club web page. It has on-line access to The Planet, Sierra Club's activist resource, and to Sierra Magazine. There are also news and position pages and links to chapters and many other environmentally concerned organizations.

Redwood Needles


 This is the Redwood Needles home page of the Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club. The Sonoma Group is one of the five area groups in the chapter covering Northwest California. There is an on-line listing of outings sponsored by the Redwood Chapter. Also available are current and back issue articles from Redwood Needles.

Sonoma County Conservation Action


SCCA is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the environmental quality of life in Sonoma County and the Northern California bio-region.

Russian River Info at EPA


This is the Russian River Watershed page in the EPA Surf Your Watershed information system. It contains information about the Russian River Watershed including a links to an inventory of Hazardous Wastes sites, Superfund Sites, and Toxic releases within the watershed.

Library of Congress


 The virtual doors of the Library of Congress are open. Many interesting sights including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Freedom Forum


Free! is a site dedicated to the First Amendment. Can you recall all five of the protected freedoms? This site is particularly provocative because it deals with protecting the freedoms of people with whom we disagree. For example, the doctrine established to protect wearing of black armbands to school during the Vietnam conflict now protects the wearing of confederate flags to school.

Freestone, CA


Kurt's free style Freestone.com site with the most links-for-your-look is probably the best bargain around. And remember, slow down in Freestone!

Marin Safe Healthcare Coalition


Good folk fighting to regain public control of Marin General Hospital after Sutter came in and begged, bribed, and boondoggled the board of trustees into the so-called private-public partnership in which the private takes the cash and the public gets the shaft.  While there, don't miss the Sutter Scam Sheet produced by SEIU Local 250.

ACLU of Sonoma County


 Back in 1967 when the administration of Pierce Junior College tried to have another student and me jailed after we gave the first speeches at the new "free speech" area, an ACLU attorney convinced the reluctant judge that the first amendment does protect freedom of speech.

Albion Monitor


Albion monitor is an on-line news service. There are several stories related to Community Hospital. Bruce Robinson wrote on Community or Corporate Hospital and Stephanie Hiller had a series of articles which included Was the Sutter Lease Necessary?

The North Coast Xpress


The North Coast Xpress is an on-line newspaper with many links to good people's sites. My story on Our Fight to Save Community Hospital is in the October 1996 issue.

American Rivers


American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring America's river systems and to fostering a river stewardship ethic.



This is the home page for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, dedicated to equal civil rights for minority group citizens by use of non-violent means. Find out about the NAACP and their Issue Alerts.

Y Forum


The Y? forum is a national forum on people's differences for the posting of cross-cultural questions and answers.

Cloverdale HS
Healdsburg HS
El Molino HS
Analy HS


For some other high schools in Sonoma County see Search Sonoma High Schools.

Zen Buddhism


This opens the Schools of Zen Buddhism page of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library. A link to info on Joshu Sasaki a living Zen master.



Buddhist information and education network. Lots of info here.

Home Page Replica


Captain Beefheart’s song lyrics.  Lyrics of other songsters also available through links at Miatrade.

I Ching


This document describes various methods for casting I Ching hexagrams and examines each method from a purely technical point of view analyzing the different probabilities of arriving at one hexagram or another depending on the method of casting that is used.  Also has links to other I Ching web sites.

The X-Files


The "official" X-files site. So... check out X-Files Relationshippers for an entry to the curiosities of this fandom world.

'Lectric Law Library


The 'Lectric Law Library is a wide resource of legal information. If you go through the Rotunda to the Rubber Room you will find more lawyer jokes than you can shake a brief at. PARENTAL ALERT! Some of the jokes there do contain adult language.

Golden Donkey Dung


This is the story of The Shitting Donkey from Richard Martin and Petra Koch’s Tales and Music website. They are part of the Storyteller Ring featuring storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers (over 240 sites listed) themselves. All dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories.

Liberty Library


The Liberty Library of Constitutional Classis has a list of the classic books and other works on constitutional government, which they either include in their collection, or plan to add. Most are in HTML and text versions. Caveat: this is a website of The Constitution Society which calls itself a private non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of constitutional republican government, but it is made up of a secret membership fronted by “Jon Roland, trustee.”  The political bias of the “group” is militia-freemen-”patriot,” and they claim their goal is “solving the fundamental problem of avoiding excessive or unbalanced concentrations of power.”  Regardless of the slant of commentary, they have one of the best libraries for easy access on the web of legal and political documents of historical importance.  (not to be confused with “The American Constitution Society”)

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