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The star spangled banner and the lotus
symbolize the aspiration of liberation for all sentient beings
in both secular and spiritual ways and means.

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Why is this quote still relevant today?

"I venture to express the hope that the Court's decisions always will be controversial, because it is human nature for the dominant group in a nation to keep pressing for further domination, and unless the Court has the fiber to accord justice to the weakest member of society, regardless of the pressure brought upon it, we never can achieve our goal of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' for everyone."

Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States,
on why the Supreme Court is subject to continuing attacks.
From: The Memoirs of Earl Warren (1977) page 335

Gregory's Page Contents:

Buddha Verse 

Collection of favorite Buddhist verses for chanting: including The Great Transcending Wisdom Heart Sutra; The Ode to Meditation; & The Promise of Meeting Unity.

Great Transcending Wisdom Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra with comments on my translation.

Declaration of War on War

My essay proposing a new way into war.  It is easy for Bush to declare his phony “War on Terrorism.”  But what leader has the courage to declare a “War on War” and to create a nation brave enough to willingly subordinate its national interests to humanitarian interests when it comes to killing other human beings?


 Zazen Wasan

"Ode to Meditation"

The famous poem by Hakuin the great zen master of Japan with commentary.

The Promise of Meeting Unity

The verse of the Shitou Xiqian, Dharma grandson of the Sixth Patriarch. The great Mazu said, “Shitou’s road is slippery.”

 Listen Little Man!

Selections from the book by Wilhelm Reich

 The Progressives’ Creed

A basic declaration of the political perspective of a progressive.

Other Writings on Buddhism

Bodhidharmas' Outline of Practice

The Gateless Checkpoint

Yes, I’ve completed yet another translation of the Wumen Guan                   (J. Mumonkan)

The McDonalds Coffee Case

2 of my columns in the Empire Law School newsletter.

Zen and Art of Law School

Maxims of Jurisprudence

As embodied in the California Civil Code.

Poems By Alan Gregory Wonderwheel


You can see photos on two pages: Our photo album page and on Savanna's page.

Bush & ben Ladin are peas in a pod.
Each is a rich son of a powerful family.
Each says the other is a terrorist.
Each bombs the civilians of the other’s country including women and children.
Each calls the other evil.
Each claims his god supports him.

Lost boys playing with lives.

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