PACIFICA FOUNDATION’s Foundation Has Been Rebuilt with the New Bylaws Adopted, New Local Stations Boards Elected, and New National Board of Directors Elected!  Reconstruction of Pacifica on This New Foundation Will Now Begin!



Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board: Committee organized to remove the entire Board of Directors of The Pacifica Foundation for abuse of their authority or discretion, dishonest acts and/or fraud. Settlement of the Listener’s Lawsuit has resulted in an Interim Board of Directors for the Pacifica Foundation whose mission includes amending the Pacifica bylaws and holding elections for the Local Boards of the 5 Pacifica stations by the end of December 2002 and within 3 months after the LAB elections to hold an election of a new Pacifica Board of Directors.  All the directors in place as of November 1999, when the Committee initiated the Listener’s Lawsuit by seeking relator status from the California Attorney General, have been removed except for Pete Bramson and Rob Robinson, who supported the Listener’s Lawsuit.  Please support this success by helping us pay the legal fees.

THE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION See the important Article II: The true purposes of Pacifica.

Documents of Struggle:

Tyranny or Democracy? An Analysis of Pacifica's Bylaws.

BYLAWS REVISION This is a 1999 proposal for revising Pacifica Foundation's By-laws that establishes listener-members who have the power to recall directors and members of station governing boards, that guarantees reasonable station autonomy through station governing boards and bylaws, that gives the power to amend the bylaws to the members of the station governing boards, and includes other important checks and balances.

THE 15 DEMANDS The Listener-Sponsored 15 Demands to Free Pacifica.  See which demands have been accomplished.

 LINKS to Other Pacifica Freedom Sites:

Pacifica Foundation home webpage.

NORTHBAY KPFA New Sonoma County Affinity Group to free KPFA/Pacifica.

Free Pacifica Years in the making, this home page is the Heart of the Listener Struggle to Free Pacifica from the grips of the Corporate-Government-Media Complex, w/ Awesome Archives, updated news & events.

Save Pacifica Home page produced by KPFA Staff.

Hugh's Pacifica Pages Irreverent and sassy, Hugh takes on the challenge of up to the minute Pacifica watching.  (Caveat: Hugh’s funny theme music for the day will interrupt streaming radio listening.)

Coalition for a democratic Pacifica San Francisco Bay area listeners' group at ground zero.

Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica - New York Formerly called "Save Our Station" and now calling themselves Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica - New York - a coalition of concerned WBAI listeners and producers who formed in August 1996.

WBAI Community and Producers' Pages

Free WPFW Pacifica Radio in Washington D.C.

Pacifica Accountability Committee was founded almost five years ago by KPFK listener-sponsors, volunteers, programmers and staff.

Steve Freedkin's Progressive Portal: Help Save Free Speech Community Radio

Webmaster.WM's KPFA pages:

Bill Mandel website

S.F. Bay Guardian article on KPFA:

"Reply to the Diversity Coalition":

John Vance's KPFA etcetera...Page!


Radio 4 Houston  Radio wit da’ Vision by Otie & Scooter.

WBIX presents WBAI radio in exile.  In some ways even better than WBAI!


Pacifica Radio Network (no one seems to be responsible for updating these pages.)

KPFA 94.1fm Berkeley  (web pages with the worst color scheme on the internet!) --  Listen

KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles  --  Listen

KPFT 90.1fm HoustonListen to the Sounds of Texas.

WBAI 99.5fm New York  -- Listen

WPFW 89.3fm Washington D.C. -- Listen (but connection doesn’t work for me.)


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