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Estate Tax Calculators

  • Estate Tax Calculator simple javascript estate tax calculator by John Thompson, creator of "Estate Planning on the Web"
  • Gift Tax Calculator simple javascript gift tax calculator by John Thompson, creator of "Estate Planning on the Web"
  • - more detailed - allows entry of assumed inflation rate and produces a spreadsheet showing projected asset values by year
  • EstateWeb!
  • Fidelity Investments - an interactive calculator that allows you to calculate federal estate tax based on your inputs and various assumptions. Based on your situation, the progam also identifies potential estate planning strategies that may apply based on your marital status and financial circumstances.
  • LifeNet
  • - Schumacher Publishing
  • Dianne Reis, Atty - Simple-to-use calculator, with links to Estate Planning FAQs on site

Other On-Line Calculators for Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning Excel Spreadsheets to download from Attorney Noel C. Ice's site, including Form 706 and GRAT worksheet. Check them out!
  • Family Business Interest Calculator from John DeBruyn's Law Office in Denver helps determine whether a decedent's estate meets the more-than-fifty-percent test for purposes of the family-owned business exclusion under Section 2057.
  • Links to Specific Estate Planning Calculators - Under "On-Line Financial Tools" including annities and Roth IRA.
  • Martindale's Reference Desk with links to variety of investment related on-line calculators (amortization scheduled, retirement calculations, etc under "Finance-Personal").
  • Optimal Retirement Planner - try it, it's fun to calculate retirement finances!
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