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The following sites represent the top ten estate planning resources on the Internet. They have been ranked according to quality of information, quantity of information available, relevancy to estate planning, ease of use, and general appearance of the site. Check ranking details for more information. Be sure to read the review of each site to determine its usefulness to you.

Score: 25
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Information ranging from basic to advanced estate planning can be found here. A very detailed and well thought out site.
2 California Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Law
Score: 24
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This site has it all: articles, links, forms and a collection of the Wills of famous people. If you want to start a web page and want to see how it is done well and how to make a site that works for you and your practice, spend some time looking at and learning from this site.
3 Estate Planning Online Learning Center
Score: 23
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One of the best sites created and maintained by a solo practitioner.
4 John W. Scott: Estate Planning
Score: 22
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This site goes one step further than most by not only covering basic estate planning materials, but also devoting a large portion of the site to advanced estate planning concerns.
5 National Association of Financial & Estate Planning
Score: 21
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An excellent resource for those new to estate planning as well as for attorneys needing a quick briefing in estate planning techniques.
6 Living Trust Institute
Score: 20
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For those interested in finding everything about a living trust, this is the site for you. Plenty of information on living trusts, arranged in a great format, is available here.
7 U.S. Trust Survey of Affluent Americans
Score: 19
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Results of U.S. Trust's periodic poll of the top 1% wealthiest Americans. That is, those in the most need of sophisticated estate planning.
8 The Atlas of Offshore
Score: 17
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Here is a great site for the estate planner attempting to completely avoid United States taxes. The solution is offshore banking, which can provide tremendous tax havens.
9 Robert Clofine's Estate Planning Page
Score: 15
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This page was created by Pennsylvania attorney Robert Clofine and is devoted to providing information to the consumer on topics including estate planning, living trusts, wills, estate tax, powers of attorney, probate, medicaid, elder law and related issues.
10 Estate Planning Information Center
Score: 11
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Estate Planing information presented by the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.