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Thanks for stopping by my website. There is lots of information to be found here, it just takes a little bit of searching. I try to change at least one part of this site every month so that it stays new and updated. Take your time, and check out all the great features of my webpage.

I am finishing up my last year of college at UC Davis. My major is Political Science, with minors in Music and Rhetoric and Communication. Last quarter I worked on a California Politics web page as part of the California Voter Foundation project. This quarter I am also taking a class in the Computer Science Department in which I am learning to program in C. This is a lot of fun, and a good way to get into programming. Too bad I did not take any CS classes earlier. I guess one can only do so much. Take a look at my current schedule.

A big change for me this year was becoming a RA in Castilian Hall. It has been a trying, but interesting experience so far. I have had fun pioneering the development of the Castilian Hall web page.

In other news, I have continued to be a member of the outstanding and locally renound UCD Symphony Orchestra. This quarter promises to be one packed with lively concerts. Besides producing our first Compact Disk recording in decades, we are currently preparing for one of the largest concerts ever in the history of the UCDSO. Performances include Sacramento, Davis, and San Francisco.

This year I am really trying to make the most of my convenient location to the ski slopes of the Lake Tahoe area. So far I have been skiing several times and look forward to a great season on the slopes. Take a look at some of my top ski/snow sites on the web. In the spring and summer I enjoy sailing around the blue waters of California and beyond on my 13' OK Dingy sailboat. I have had some pretty crazy experiences on this boat. Ham radio is still a hobby of mine which I keep in contact with through the Sonoma County Radio Amateurs.

Of course I cannot end without some mention of my future plans. After graduating this June 1998, I plan a Europe trip with my brother, David. I have applied to six Bay Area law schools, and should be hearing soon about where I will be going next year. I look foward to a different pace that law school should bring.

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