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POLITICS AND WORK IN THE QUADRANT: The following terms describe politics and work in The Quadrant. Choose any link to take you to a description, or simply scroll down the page.

LINKS:The Director, Quadpolitik, Telelection, The Nine, A-Dee/s, Praetor/z ("Big/z"or "Pryz"), Designer/z, Enforcer/z, Functional/z ("Funk/s"), Privates, The Underground.

The Director: Top manager of The system and Chairman of The Quadrant. In terms of normative Quadrant policies, what the Director says goes (though, this is somewhat more difficult to achieve than to state, and there are many "Directorial" styles). The Director is chosen by securing a majority of televotes cast by the enfranchised inhabitants of The Quadrant once every year (see Quadpolitik and Telelection Below). Any means allowed by law may be used to secure the Directorship. The only requirement is that the Director must be a Conzec. Subject only to general custom, and the guidance of The Nine (see Below), The Director has the power to declare laws and to set policy, to control the Purse (see Below), to create and interpret information distributed to the Quadrant population, and to appoint all top managers to every post crucial to the day to day running of The Quadrant.
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Quadpolitik: Practical politics in The Quadrant. The end, or "aim" of entering and practicing politics in The Quadrant is to "win," by creating and building a power group which will enable its builder to one day gain the Director's chair -- the singlemost influential and powerful position in The Quadrant. Aside from desire and ability, the two main keys to success in politics are connections (family and The Inztitut) and wealth. The real key is "quadits" (money), as "telelections" are customarily bought not won. The trick is to assemble a group which has the wealth and influence to purchase the key blocks of televotes necessary to create a majority of votes on election day (a simple majority is sufficient to win The Directorship). Since these blocks come chiefly from the more populous Outer Boardz (Recon 3, 4, and 5 Boardz), it is crucial to find Landlords who own large numbers of buildings in these areas, and who can exchange "rent reductions" for quickly deliverable blocks of televotes (usually, the reductions are granted only if the Landlord's candidate wins).

Typically, the winning candidate rewards supporters (Landlords and others) with lucrative posts, management positions, "Autotithe" (tax) credits, unofficial influence, large amounts of "chips" (cash), and sometimes property owned by the Quadrant (conveyable by a "grateful" Director at deep discounts). Any Conzec can theoretically become The Director, but to get on the "slate," or to be pubbed or announced as one of the 2 Director candidates by The Quadrant Information Bureau, takes substantial influence and "big" chips: Time slots must be purchased for live speeches (given 2 weeks prior to the telelection), large expenditures must be made on "Rallypaks" (groups of enfranchised inhabitants of the appropriate class who are paid to carry placards with images of a particular Director candidate and shout slogans), and even larger sums must be allocated to "Telelection Professionals," "Televote Brokers," and various other influence peddlers and Privates. The Director serves a one-year term and must step down for at least one year before running again. Many do run again, and a considerable number again gain the Directorship (though few, if any in The Quadrant, can remember or recall that a newly elected Director may have been a previous Director). To TOP of Page

Telelection: The method of choosing The Quadrant's Director by means of televotes -- one vote per person -- cast by all enfranchised inhabitants (using Screen activated transmit mode) on "Telelection Day" once every year. 2 Director candidates run and the one who gets the most televotes (by winning a simple majority) on that day wins the Directorship. To TOP of Page

"The Nine" (or "Shadow Directorship"): The Oligarchic "Power behind the Thone" in the Quadrant, "The Nine" is comprised of a body of 9 men and women (mostly Wealthy Privates) who use the formal mechanism and facade of the Directorship (and supporting Quadrant Establishment ) to rule the Quadrant behind the scenes.

The vast majority of enfranchised inhabitants have no idea that The Nine exists. They believe that the power of their vote in yearly telelections demonstrates the democratic principle of "majority rule" which undergirds the process of choosing a "ruling authority" in the Quadrant (and The Nine is only too happy to encourage this belief). In Reality, the telelection process (see above) is heavily influenced and guided by The Nine, whose competing members/factions "handpick" and support Candidates for the Directorship, and then, in large part, "pay off" the electorate (thus assuring that any elected Director is reasonably sympathetic to their needs and interests).

On the surface of Quadrant Politics, when a Director is elected, he/she serves for one year, then must step down with the election of a new Director for at least one year before running again. Inside The Nine, a similar process takes place with respect to its own membership: A new Director is automatically accorded a seat on The Nine, and the outgoing Director must leave The Nine (unless he/she is re-elected the following year). This informal rule is, in effect, a rudimentary check, both on the surface and within The Nine, to prevent any one Director from becoming too powerful.

Customarily, The Nine decide things by "gentleman's agreement" which is essentially a mutual sensing and balancing of their competing interests in a spirit of comprimise (most have networks of private agents who help them gather the necessary intelligence so crucial to the "sensing" process). Also, by custom, when events create disagreements or disputes among The Nine that cannot be resolved by "gentlemen's agreement," a vote is taken and a simple majority (5/4) carries the motion (decision/policy) which the minority must support.

How one becomes a member of The Nine is not altogether clear. High intelligence, great wealth, the desire for power and influence, good judgement, and experience serving in responsible positions in The Quadrant are all factors. Generally, members of The Nine are not younger than 45, and serve for life or until they "sense" that it is time (or are forced) to relinquish both the responsibilities and privileges of wielding true power in The Quadrant. To TOP of Page

A-Dee/s: Assistant Director/s, appointed by The Director to help him/her administer The running of The Quadrant. These are usually Conzecs, and often "cronies" or intimate friends who the Director can depend on to be reasonably truthful and loyal. A-Dees sometimes carve out very powerful positions in The Quadrant, especially in cases where The Director is not by nature a "hands-on" type. On the other hand, A-Dees who serve strong-willed, power hungry, Directors, become mere messengers or "tools" for carrying out policies or actions already pre-conceived by their master. To TOP of Page

Praetor/z ("Big/z"or "Pryz"): Top administrators of the various divisions comprising the management structure of The Quadrant and The System and overseen by the Director. These usually number seven, must be Conzecs, and are appointed by the Director. The divisions headed by the Praetorz are broken down as follows: (1) Quad Operations, or "QuadOps," which oversees and maintains all infrastructure equipment, including climate control machinery, the speedtube (subway) system -- which runs under the Boardz to the outer edges of the Quadrant Dome -- food origination and distribution, waste disposal, etc.; (2) Quad Security, which enforces the laws and with the cooperation of "QuadOps," manages "Downshaft"; (3) The Quad Information Bureau (public information distribution); (4) System Design and Enhancement (all upgrades and changes in The System); (5) Entertainment/s (Virtual Entertainments, holo showz, BloodSportz, chem bars, etc.); (6) Quad Services, which oversees all Quad Services Units, or "QSU's" (see below); and (7) The Purse, which regulates and monitors the monetary exchange system and The Quadrant Ekonomy.

The Praetorz may each appoint assistants and managers to help them run their respective divisions (a power with special impact when it comes to appointing top managers of all Quad Services Units, or "QSU's"-- see below). To TOP of Page

Designer/z: Those in charge of inventing and developing Auto Upgrades, composing Regs, and creating entertainments suggested and/or mandated by the Director and Praetorz. Such tasks are conceived as "System enhancing" and thus pay far more in money and perquisites, and have a higher priority or status attached to them than to functions which merely support or maintain The System. Designerz tend to come mainly from Conzec and the higher Recon classes. To TOP of Page

Enforcer/z: Those working for the Security Division charged with maintaining order and carrying out or delivering Sanctions thoughout The Quadrant, including Downshaft. They are the only inhabitants of The Quadrant, except top managers and some Privates (see below), who have screenz with special functions which, if activated, can alter body chemistry in targeted individuals to make them easily compliant or subduable. They are also authorized to carry and use (primarily on the unruly outer "Boardz") a "Brodstik" which is a long bat like instrument with a strong electrical charge at its end. A few extremely dedicated (and a number of relatively untalented) Conzecs become Enforcerz, but most, especially the most zealous, come from the ranks of the often guilt-ridden Recon 1's (i.e., their first infraction has toppled them from the elite class, and it wll be their last at any cost). To TOP of Page

Functional/z ("Funk/s"): Those who operate and service the infrastructure machinery responsible for delivering services such as climate control, heating, lighting, water, food, transportation, waste disposal, etc., throughout The Quadrant. These are generally drawn from the lower classes (Recon 3's, 4's and 5's). To TOP of Page

Privates: Enfranchised inhabitants of The Quadrant with no official function or designation who, because of their wealth and influence, may move freely throughout The Quadrant with little or no fear of sanctions for infractions they may commit. They usually come from the ranks of the Conzecs and are often former Directors, Assistant Directors ("A-Dees"), "Bigz" (Praetorz), QSU Managers, or even Designerz. Sometimes, an occasional, particularly "creative" or powerful Recon can become a Private. They all own (and continually conspire to own) large numbers of rental units on the Outer Boardz, or have been in positions (see The Nine, above) where they have been able to manipulate top managers, or the Purse (see below), to their own ends. To TOP of Page

The Underground: An unofficial designation and illegal political movement. Starting with only a few people immediately after the "Geat Purges" (approximately 30 years in the past), the Underground presently fields a loosely based organization of only a few thousand individuals, divided into relatively autonomous "cells," of no more than 8 people each (so if one cell is discovered or destroyed, the rest of the movement will not be impacted). With the goal of reversing what it's proponents see as a "devolving" direction in the social and political structure of The Quadrant, the Underground actively pushes a program of intrigue and terrorism geared to revealing the "evils" and weaknesses of the present System to the majority of the Quadrant population, and punishing the "evildoers."

Operating through a number of "havenz" (safe houses and spots) the Undergrounders organize raids, conduct espionage, and recruit new members everywhere in The Quadrant, including Downshaft. The mainstream agenda of the Underground is to humanize the governing structure by making the Directorship and Praetorz subservient to some sort of people's representative body (a legislature). It calls for more humane laws, better treatment for Downshafters, reductions in the autotithe taxes (which most elites don't pay), a special tax on the wealthy to fund improvements on the Outer Boardz, and some way to reverse the spiral of downward mobility re-inforced by the present System.

The radicals in the Underground want to destroy the existing System altogether, round up the wealthy, confiscate their wealth and distribute it to the "people," dismantle the security and monitoing networks, and eliminate or send all Quadrocrats, elites, and their collaborators Downshaft. Some even call for the elimination of screenz and the dismantling of The System itself, claiming (like the prophet of a strange cult springing up in Downshaft) that living in an artificially connected state is unnatural and perverse. To TOP of Page

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