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     As the story opens, 5 million people live inside The Quadrant dome's artificial environment, unaware (for almost a thousand years) that anything exists outside. Controlled by the relentless efficiency of "The System" which increasingly monitors their lives while it progressively deprives them of a sense of history, they face the approach of their millennium with foreboding. An air of deepening crisis permeates The Quadrant, and no one seems to know why.

     While most of the population struggles to eke out a meager existence on the Outer Boardz -- hoping to avoid the unspeakable horrors of Downshaft -- the elites frolic by night in the plezhurr domes of Krania, heedlessly ignoring the warning signs of impending doom. Unknown to all but a few, an unlikely hero stumbles upon a chance discovery which holds out hope for The Quadrant, just as the rogue candidacy of a ruthless demagogue threatens to engulf it in terror, cataclysm, and war.


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