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     Welcome to Krania Station -- transportation "hub" for Krania and surrounding Boardz, and the embarkation point for every location in The Quadrant. From here, the speedtubes transport enfranchised inhabitants, for only a few Quadits per trip, to all destinations, including Conzec Board, the Inner Boardz, and the furthest reaches of the Outer Boardz.

     Take a hydrolift to the top of Krania Tower, The Quadrant's "nerve center" and tallest building. Or, if you prefer ground level, grab a pedway to The Inztitut, The Quadrant's only university. From here it's just a short walk to The Quarter (the student-bohemian area).

     If you visit The Inztitut, take a few minutes to go to the Main Library to access The Quadrant Story (click on "Rare Books"). Here, you can view pictorial Biographies of the Major Characters, and browse The Archive to learn more about details of life in The Quadrant. If you like, roam The Quarter and be sure to try a pint of "Discon Dark" at the Quadnot pub.

     For a more "savoir" experience try Praetor Park at the opposite end of the Inztitut from the Quarter. Security is tight, but you can wander by the opulent homes of the wealthy and powerful of Krania. If you have the Quadits, take a skimmerkab to The Kolony, where the elite of The Quadrant live their pampered lives. If you want to live dangerously, try Downshaft (see below).

Check the Q-LOG for important news and upcoming events in The Quadrant.

Danger! Proceed at your own risk. Before actually going to the Downshaft location, click HERE for an overview of "Downshaft" from The Archive. If you still want to explore Downshaft, click the link below.



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