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TRANSPORTATION IN THE QUADRANT: The following terms describe the types of transportation used by enfranchised inhabitants of The Quadrant. Choose any link to take you to a description, or simply scroll down the page.

LINKS: SpeedTube/z, AirSkimmer ("SkimmerKab," or "Skimmer"), JetBoat/z, Pedway/s, HydroLift/s.

Speed Tube/z: The subway system running under, and serving, all Boards of The Quadrant. Twelve tubes (30 degrees apart) radiate out from a central "Hub" (Krania Station) directly under the massive Krania tower rising up out of the exact center of The Quadrant. Each "Tube" accomodates a magnetic powered train which can carry several hundred people per trip, from Krania out to the furthest station on Recon 5, once every hour (12 trips out and 12 trips back every 24 hour period). Each train stops at a QSU or other "station" on every Board to let off or take on passengers. The trains also carry foodstuffs and other goods which are delivered on a regular basis to all QSU stations throughout The Quadrant. To TOP of Page

AirSkimmer ("SkimmerKab," or "Skimmer"): An aircraft which operates by means of a magnetic field differential engine using existing Quadrant power systems field emissions to power and articulate flight speed and maneuvers. Though it normally cruises at approximately 500 kilometers per hour, a skimmer is capable of speeds up to 1,000 kilometers per hour, and (when necessary) can reach the Outer Boardz from Krania in a matter of minutes. Most models carry up to 4 people and a pilot (5 people total). Though All Boardz supply ample skimmer ports and various skimmer landing areas, the craft can take off and land in areas as small as 50 square meters.

Out of a total of 500 Skimmers, approximately 300 are used by Quadrant officials and Security Enforcement Units attached to the QSU's throughout the Quadrant. Close to 100 are licensed by QuadOps to private Kab companies or "Kabbies," who ferry VIP's (and others who can afford the fare) around the Quadrant, and the rest are owned and operated by various "Privates," who have the quadits to support this means of conveyance. To TOP of Page

JetBoat/z: Waterkraft of various sizes used mostly by Privates for crossing or cruising "The Lake" (the body of water between Conzec Board and Krania). The largest plezhurrKraft can carry up to 25 people and cruise at 40 kilometers per hour. Some smaller, and faster boatz (carrying 2 to 6 people), are capable of reaching speeds of over 80 kph. To TOP of Page

Pedway/s: Essentially, "moving streets," magnetically powered, approximately 8 meters wide. 2 per set, the pedways move at approximately 7 kilometers per hour in opposite directions, making it easy for enfranchised inhabitants to "jump" on or off (to adjacent sidewalks) at whatever point they wish for most local destinations on the Boardz. Unfortunately, for many on the Outer Boardz, the pedways are poorly maintained and often do not function properly or at all. To TOP of Page

HydroLift/s: Very large elevators tied into the central Quadrant distribution "Hub" directly under Krania Station, one level below the Speedtube system. These mammoth machines -- contained in one enormous shaft (5 kilometers deep) are the chief means of getting down to and back from Downshaft.

Eight personnel Hydrolifts, each capable of carrying approximately 80 people are deployed in one part of the giant shaft, but the greater part houses 4 huge lifts (each with many thousands of square meters of cargo space available) which are used for transporting foodstuffs and other goods grown and/or manufactured in Downshaft up to the Boardz of The Quadrant. The lifts carry food and screen assemblies, exported "upshaft" to the Boardz, and take hard waste back down on the return trip to be treated in the infamous Downshaft recycling Pitz (where Disconz and Anteeks work long hours burning and chemically treating waste to render it inert and useable for other purposes). To TOP of Page

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