Buddha Writings


Buddhist related translations, essays, etc.  by Gregory Wonderwheel


Buddha Verse

My translations of :

            Heart Sutra


            Agreement for Participating Together  (A.K.A. Promise of Meeting Unity )


            Song of the Straw Thatched Hut


            Ode to Meditation


Buddha Prose

My Translation of Bodhidharma's "Outline of Four Practices and Contemplation"


Refuge and Rakusu


Brocade and Indigo – On “Ta Lung's Hard and Fast Body of Reality” - Case 82, Blue Cliff Record

Koan Collection Translations:

For my translation of the Wumen Guan see “The Gateless Checkpoint” page.

For my translation (work in progress) of the Běyán Lů see The Blue Cliff Record page.

My Blog: Turning the Wheel of Wonder



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