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     Scroll down the page, or select any of the following Groups to find a description of a minor character associated with that group. The Inztitut, Galadrina's Circle, The Underground, Kronstadt's Group, The Quadrant Establishment, Downshaft, and Other Characters.

From the Inztitut

MEROD VON ARLE: Chancellor of the Inztitut, and one of The Nine. 63, Conzec, and former Don in the Science Skool of the Inztitut, Merod is one of the few Chancellor's to come from a technical background (most come from the Law, or Humanitas Skools). He is highly intelligent, with a subtle mind, and capable of understanding all technical aspects of life and systems in the Q. His one weakness: An occasional young "naughty girl," who Lena Molloy is only too happy to supply. Married to Tira, an ex-Korpus Designer, with 2 grown children. Tira pushes the social aspects of their lives, and they appear often at Kolony parties and functions.

JULIUS CARENZ: Don in the Law Skool, and one of The Nine. 55, Conzec, married with one daughter. Among other things, he provided a "home away from home" on Recon 1 to Tal Remick who was separated from his father after the Great Purges. Somewhat remote, and with a very sharp mind, he is used to making tough decisions on complex matters rapidly. He was a friend to Tal's father, Odel Remick, but Tal knows little of this (he has shared few secrets with Tal). Not a mixer, or interested in power plays, Carenz likes to live away from the "Crowd" and tend his (and the Q's) garden.

DON RENARD VOLE: 63, Conzec, Professor of Quadthot and Quadanalysis. This once-radical don in the Humanitas Skool is now a cynical, well-fed apologist for The System. Don Renard scoffs at the notion that Kronstadt, or any Director, can have much effect on the normative ebb and flow of The Quadrant, guided by The System. Nothing really to worry about, he tells his friends over a pint at the QuadNot; let us focus instead on the eternal verities, such as guaranteed tenure. Vole discounts the Accelerationists as well, feeling they are simply overheated idealists who will mellow, as he has, with age.

DON GERMANE MUNRO ("Old Dusty"): Emeritus Professor from the Humanitas Skool, who champions the "Past" (which few can in The Inztitut now that it is so out of favor). 78, Conzec, with a pleasing, kind hearted personality and obscure sense of humor, "Old Dusty," has more friends than enemies. His outward mission is to save the few thousand "dusty" old hardcopy books remaining in the basements of the various colleges of The Inztitut. His other agenda is to provide counsel to Tal Remick and others who seek wisdom from the lessons of the past. Back To: TOP of Page

Galadrina's circle

FAYDRA TRULL: 56, Recon, A long-time friend of Galadrina's and a member of her inner circle, Faydra longs for a more perfect world, but is cynical enough to doubt that anything in the Quadrant will ever again be the way it was in her youth (she was once a skilled and respected surgeon on Conzec Board and Chief of Medicine in the Kourtezan Guild -- then a skool that trained young women in a wide variety of healing arts and disciplines). Faydra, like Galadrina herself, was caught up in the Great Purges and expelled to oblivion on the Outer Boardz. Now A medic at the Trauma Unit in QSU 14 on Recon 3, Faydra's chief occupation is caring for bombing victims and patching up wounded Flezz players carried in from Nockthorn field on match days.

LARRINDA HAAKE: 47, Conzec, Larrinda is a well-to-do Kolony Private and secret member of Galadrina's circle. A former apprentice Kourtezan with contacts on The Nine, Larrinda is an outspoken Kronstadt opponent, and high on his "hit list." As a long time friend and ally of Galadrina's, Larrinda's money (inherited from her wealthy deceased husband) has helped keep Pentacles afloat.

ALICIA ZERB: 52, Conzec, and member of The Nine, Alicia is the former wife of Milo Zerb and mother of Sergei Zerb. She put in her time as a Kourtezan, then married well and "divorced better." Alicia is a close confidant and former pupil of Galadrina's, and one of Kronstadt's most outspoken opponents in The Quadrant's inner circles. Back To: TOP of Page

From the Underground

TREN NEEDERMEYER: Chief operative for the Underground on Krania. 35, Conzec, with dark longish wispy hair, Needermeyer was an Inztitut dropout in his third year due to a dispute with a Don about his thesis on "Offpattern Behavior" in the Q. He now lives in "The Quarter" near the Inztitut, in the basement apartment of an old Domplex where he keeps a few old books and collects other "old" things. He works as a bartender at the"QuadNot," one of the hot spots of the Quarter frequented by free-thinking students, odd-ball and liberal faculty, and others who live and work there.

LARN RASSET: 40, Recon, and dedicated "full time" Undergrounder. Lost his wife and children and both brothers in a raid conducted by KorpOps in the early 90's. A skilled technician with an encyclopedic knowledge of Quadrant infrastructure systems, Larn runs the Underground outpost located near Waste Receptor Unit 57 in the "Netherworld" (the area between The Quadrant Boardz and Downshaft). Back To: TOP of Page

Kronstadt's Group

USKAR WEEMER: Assistant to Axon Kronstadt. Early 30's, conzec, thin, with sharp rat-like features and close cropped brown hair. Highly intelligent, graduating near the top of his class at the Inztitut, he pretends to be a proactive "Accelerationist"while he keeps regular contact going between this movement in the Inztitut and the Kronstadt camp. His real job is "sophisticated bagman/intelligence operative" for Kronstadt's far flung power network. A cross between "Wormtongue" and Robspierre, Weemer is a master of duplicity and treachery, and understands that if he helps his master prevail in the battle for political power over the Q, he will be richly rewarded.

KARLA MONTILLE: 25, Recon, "entertainer." One of many Kronstadt mistresses, Karla's long strawberry blonde hair and plump, well endowed body, makes her a favorite. Discovered by Mr. K in a top holo bar in Krania, she was immediatedly "set up" in a posh apartment in The Quarter to service his intermittent whimsy. Not terribly bright, she actually believes Kronstadt loves her, and reacts violently when she discovers that he has succumbed to the charms of the notorious Lena Molloy.

EDO MEZNER: Assistant Professor in the Law Skool of the Inztitut. 33, Conzec, he is a kind of Leader/Counselor to new students, handling prep classes for Inztitut candidates on Conzec Board and Recon 1. The chief exponent of Accelerationism on campus, he dictates more than he counsels, is brittle, insecure and demanding, yet brilliant. Unbeknownst to his students (but known to some others) he is a member of Kronstadt's inner circle, assigned to keep a watchful eye on events and people in the Inztitut and bring back word of all he sees and hears to Kronstadt.

MILO ZERB: Wealthy Private, one of The Nine, and owner of huge numbers of rental units on the outer Boardz. A Crusty Recon, about 65, balding and overweight, Milo made one mistake early in life, resolved to overcome it, grew staggeringly wealthy, and finally "bought" his way out. He supports Axon Kronstadt against the Quadrant Establishment because rising crime on the Outer Boardz and the Underground's calls for rent relief jeopardize his continuing ability to generate maximum income. He also backs Kronstadt because his ex-wife Alicia Zerb (who, with the help of Arturo Devlin got half of his billions in a divorce settlement) supports the Q Establishment. He has one son, Sergei, a perennial "third year" student at the Inztitut.

IVAN AND DIMITRI NARLOFF: Early 60's, Conzecs (so they say), fabulously wealthy Privates who control vast numbers of rental units, both on the Outer and Inner Boardz. Reputed crime bosses, long associated with the "Bond" and other dark groups, the Narloff brothers initially made their fortunes largely at the expense of those who suffered during the Great Purges. Though their great wealth has "purchased" them seats on The Nine, they aggressively support Kronstadt because they see a chance to benefit from the downfall and possible elimination of certain of their "competitors" in the wake of a Kronstadt victory. Back To: TOP of Page

The Quadrant Establishment

BARD RAMMEL: Current Director of The Quadrant. 55, tall and distinguished looking, Conzec, outgoing. As a front man for the establishment majority of The Nine, Rammel is a gladhanding social animal, more interested in talking and enjoying himself at parties and official functions, than actually pulling or pushing the "levers of power." A relatively bright and reasonabley fair man, he (as a former Praetor of the Purse) has assured himself of unquestioned wealth and position in the Q. He enjoys his life and his Chief Mistress, Lena Molloy.

TARN RASK: Wealthy Private. 53, Brahmin, a snob with a pedigree (Top of his Class at the Inztitut), one of The Nine. He, like Milo Zerb, owns vast rental units on the Outer Boardz and a number of properties on the Inner Boardz and in Krania. His money comes partly from his family and partly through the "old boy" network from his Inztitut days (several A-Dee ships and ex-Praetor positions). He detests the crudeness of Kronstadt's personality and methods, and would "step on him like a bug" if he could.

BRUXTON LANEER: 45, Conzec, well-heeled Lawyer and ex-Praetor of the Quad Information Bureau. Ambitious, confident, and well-connected, Laneer's Kolony upbringing and sterling credentials (including a long and "productive" relationship with Tarn Rask) make him the Quadrant Establishment's ideal choice for the next Director. The problem: Only 5 of the Nine support him in his campaign to fend off a surprise challenge from Axon Kronstadt.

MEERNA MOLLOY: 60, Conzec, Former Head mistress of the Kourtezan Guild, and member of The Nine. Rose to prominence in The Quadrant shortly after the Great Purges (some say at the expense of many others). Strangely, Meerna bore a daughter -- current Head Mistress of the Kourtezan Guild, Lena Molloy -- but never married. With big plans for her daughter (and for other hidden reasons) she leans toward the Kronstadt camp in the coming battle for political power in the Q. Back To: TOP of Page

From Downshaft

EMIL ZARG: The "Beast" of Downshaft. Chief of the Security Enforcement Unit in charge of Downshaft and Kommander of over five hundred Enforcers who keep order in "Hell." Recon, in his 40's, Zarg is a large, burly man with the desire to hurt people. He brutally rules the netherworld of the Q with an iron fist, often personally "Zapping" poor Anteeks and other Disconz at will, and taking true delight in permanently reconnecting Disconz who "make trouble" to The System (has executed hundreds in this way). Tolerates no "back-talk" from his men, and can be ruthless, even with those who try to get on his good side.

HOFFER BUZWILL: Deputy to Zarg. 30's, medium build, light hair, and glasses, Conzec (actually an Inztitut graduate, where Zarg is not -- and Zarg hates him for this). Essentially a "good cop" in a bad situation, Buzwill is tough, but fair with his men, and tries to deal in as rational a way as possible with the overwhelming problems of Downshaft and its unruly and disorganized population. Friendly with Mackenzee, the Quadrant Power Systems Manager.

GROM THRONK: The other Deputy to ZARG. Late 30's, muscular, dark hair and skin, Recon. The "bad cop" who takes bribes from professional criminal recruiters and other Privates who use Downshaft for their own ends. He's built up his own network of agents and informants so he can maximize personal gain from his tour Downshaft. Also, in the mold of Zarg, he has a sadistic side, and enjoys torturing various lawbreakers who won't talk.

DRAKMAR "THE BLIND": Disconnected long ago and forced to work for years in the slag heaps of the "Pitz," Drakmar was blinded in a fit of pique by the notorious Zarg ("Beast of Downshaft,") and later escaped into the Bogz. His recent re-emergence as a prophet of "Doom" in Downshaft strangely co-incides with the unexpected rise of the forceful Axon Kronstadt on the Boardz and in Krania (for more on Drakmar, visit the "Bogz" in Downshaft).

REN MACKENZEE: Power Systems Manager, Downshaft. 60's, energetic, Conzec. Runs the Power System Group, which maintains all power generators, equipment and networks servicing Downshaft. Competent, intelligent, firm, yet open minded. He has had to learn tolerance of the way Downshaft works in order to get compliance from his Disconz and Anteek labor force. Works secretly with Bertie Glindar because they are old friends from long ago, and provides him with a way to "enter and leave" Downshaft undetected. Doesn't "buy" all methods the Undground uses to work towards its ends, but is a definite "sympathizer." Reports to Harla Penn, Praetor of Quad Operations ("QuadOps"). Back To: TOP of Page

Other Characters

TERG IVESTER ("ti"): SysProg reporter, Conzec, about 30. Carries his vidpak with him everywhere to capture the late-breaking news of The Quadrant. His job -- as the anchor for the explosively fast-growing Q-Log news brief, is to synopsize the "the news of the day" to save enfranchised inhabitants from having to endure the otherwise long-winded (and decidely boring) coverage generated by SysProg's normal reporting channel.

Trading on the up-coming "hotly contested" telelection in the Q, and the recent sharp rise in Underground bombings, Terg's aggressive reporting style and natural nose for news (including a talent for self-promotion) has turned him -- as Q-Log spokesman -- into a kind of "personality" of the Q. However, Terg straddles a dangerous fence: If he plays too fast and loose with the "news" he risks potentially deadly reaction from a number of different quarters in the Q. Back To: TOP of Page

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